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How To Laser Target Your Facebook Ads

May 15. 2017

There are a lot of ways to target your Facebook Ads to get the best results for your buck. Nobody, I repeat, nobody wants to lose their money and every one targets to minimize their budget and simultaneously get the required results. Here, we suggest a few important targeting options that will help you laser target your ads.

  1. Tap Into Interest Area:
    You should know what your audience's interest area is. Are you selling marketing software? Then your target audience must be interested in marketing and business. Or, maybe you're selling lovely sandals. Your target market should cater to fashion, clothing accessories and similar items. Also, include your competitor's name that already has an established fan base. It will help a lot to get the most appropriate audience to see your Ad.
  2. Age, Gender and Location Target:
    Target your Ads on the basis of gender, age and location. This is quite obvious but many make mistakes in the same. If you serve in a particular state of a country, then your location should only target that state itself. If your product is likely to be bought by middle age people, you should set your age precisely to that range. Also, let's say your store only caters to women's products/service. It'd be wise to target women only to get the most bangs on your buck.
  3. Custom Audience:
    It's always advisable to use custom audiences. They're the perfect audience that you've built from various reliable sources like form fill-ups on your website, direct Facebook messaging, website visitors, etc. Including them in your target audience (or excluding them when needed) is a great way to go about laser targeting your prospects.
  4. Bid Big:
    Try and bid as high as you can. You're bidding amongst 1000s of other advertisers and you need to win to get the best and proper placements on the Facebook newsfeed. The more you bid, the better off you're during placements of your Ads.
  5. Target People By Their Occupation:
    Assume, guess, research, and do whatever you want, but figure out what type of occupation are they in presently. Occupation targeting can be very helpful especially when your product or service can cater to a particular occupation more efficiently.

As you can see from above, targeting on Facebook is becoming difficult with each passing day. Only an expert with years of experience in handling different types of clients can execute the same to its perfection. But, hey, don't you worry. If you need help, we're always by your side to help you out with all your tech and branding needs. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with the right solution for your business.


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