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Dedicated Hiring

This has become one of the top priorities in recent years. Major companies around the world want dedicated service all day long. They are ready to pay for it but they need that level of support. Why? They simply can’t afford to lose any money. A dedicated resource (s) comes in useful. They’ll be concerned with one and only project. They’ll live and breathe this project. They will be in constant touch with the client, attend to their requirements and update as and when required. There’s a lot of advantage in hiring dedicated resource.

Problem arises when you hire an “incapable” dedicated resource. Then not only it messes up your project but you lose a chunk of money with it. That’s neither affordable nor acceptable. With us, you won’t be facing that problem. We hire a dedicated resource for they clear interview from both your end and ours. That’s the level of assurance you’d have with us.

Our USPs

  • 176 hours of guaranteed production every month
  • Work gets done during Indian working hours
    P.S.: The resource will extend it beyond working hours if need arises
  • Billing done on a monthly basis
  • Billing will be deducted for missing work days
  • No setup fees is required
  • Minimum commitment of 1 month
  • Dedicated support from the Team


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