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5 Great Search Engine Marketing Tips That You Must Follow For Your Business

May 12. 2017

SEM is a great way to bring traffic to your website. If done correctly, you might even get addicted to it. Follow these tips diligently to ensure the best SEM practices for your website.

  1. Pick The Best Keywords:
    You should research and find out the most appropriate keywords for your business. Don't overcrowd your Ads or your content with keywords just for the sake of including them. Also, you should be absolutely clear about your target audience. Wrong audience can lead to wrong keywords that will further lead to irrelevant traffic on your website.
  2. Landing Page Optimization:
    This must be in your focus area. You've made a great advert. But, your landing page is a total mess. What'll happen? Your Ad Quality Score will fall which in turn will reduce paid search rankings and will further decline the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your Ad. So, keep in mind, landing page should be very relevant to what your Ad portrays. It should be very clean and should tell exactly what the user expects to see.
  3. Optimize Your Advert:
    You have very less characters to write in your Ads to tell the mass about your product/service. For Google, it's 30 characters each for Headlines 1 and 2 and 80 Characters for the description. That's way too less. So, you should be highly careful on what you write. That's all you have to gain your prospect's attention.
  4. Local Directory Submissions Is Important:
    This is one of the first and basic things you must do in SEM. You must be listed in the local directory sites for the local directories to find out. Also, find the directories with high DA & PA i.e. Domain Authority and Page Authority. They'll give you useful and relevant traffic.
  5. Define Your Goals:
    You must have a clear set of goals. Do you want people to click your ads more? Or, do you want the public to fill up your Contact Us form? You must first jot down your goal and accordingly setup your Ad.

Now you know the most important practices for SEM. There are a lot more and they need to be handled by experienced professionals. Want us to do it for you? We can ensure one thing. You will get results. No questions asked.

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